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How to Move to a Tropical Paradise DVD Set
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How to Move to a Tropical Paradise DVD Set
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Frederic Patenaude

In this new course on DVDs, you will discover:

  • Tricks and tips almost no one knows to find cheap airfare (under $500), and how I manage to get two FREE round trips to Costa Rica per year, without using frequent travelers miles.
  • Where to go for the best deals for food, rent and modern conveniences, and how to avoid common scams running on Craigslist.
  • The top 10 mistakes to avoid when buying real estate abroad, and a clear solution to avoid 99% of the problems people run into when they want to buy a piece of land or a house overseas.
  • What to do with your apartment or house when you leave for the tropics. This is my step-by-step method for no-hassle and worry-free traveling. I also include some ingenious tricks to avoid theft when youre away, without using a house-sitter or sub-leasing your apartment.
  • The absolute best locations for a tropical paradise home, where you can avoid bugs, mosquitoes, extreme heat and thieves.
  • How to deal with red tape and bureaucracy, and avoid waiting lines when it comes to getting anything done abroad.
  • One clothing item to avoid that will automatically label you as TOURIST almost anywhere in the world, and make you an easy target for pickpockets.
  • How to keep up on the "paperwork" left behind at home, such as house insurance, bill payments without having to hire someone to look after a home left behind for part of the year.
  • How to cover yourself with top-quality health insurance worldwide, (PLUS: special tips for Canadians on how to still qualify for the provincial medical while away)
  • How to find the best deals for top-quality, modern apartments or condos for rent, in many cases for less than $500 per month (HINT: Its not Craigslist! This is probably the last place you should look).
  • Critical information you need to make sure youre not paying any extra income tax if you end up working in a new country.
  • How to save up to $7000 a year by not owning a car in a tropical paradise, and where to live instead to be in walking distance of everything you need.
  • How to take your dogs with you hassle-free and with almost no paperwork and certainly NO quarantine risks.
  • Only a few countries in the world require vaccination (and none of the countries I recommend do)  know which ones in order to avoid surprises!
  • Must-have information for US, Canadian, Australian or European citizens when it comes to citizenship and residency matters.
  • How to work and generate income legally without needing a business visa.
  • How to avoid loneliness and isolation in paradise, and whats the best way to go about making new contacts and meeting people .
  • Where to go to get fast, affordable and reliable high-speed Internet access for hassle free communication with your family.
  • How to keep receiving your favorite magazines and even place orders online to Amazon.com and other US online vendors, and receive everything safely without using the unreliable post office abroad, or expensive services such as UPS that charge you too much in duty.
  • Where to go to save on dentist and health bills: just getting your annual checkup and cleaning at the dentist in Costa Rica or Thailand will save you a ton of money (and these dentists are just as qualified as the ones in the US in fact, most of them have studied there and speak English and use very modern equipment).
  • Why you can save at least $200 per year by getting glasses and other eye prescription done abroad.
  • And more!

Can You Afford To Live In Paradise?

If youre wondering whether you can afford or not to live in paradise, maybe youve been asking the wrong question. Consider this realistic budget for Costa Rica, based on my own experience there:

Basic Budget for Costa Rica: Heres how you can live lavishly for less than $1000

Rent, for furnished apartment, including A/C, cable-TV, high-speed Internet, fridge and kitchen, on six month lease
Cell Phone (this is optional for most people)
Food (all the delicious fruits and vegetables you care to eat + plus meals out if desired)
Transportation and Taxis (this includes a LOT driving time, in case you want to travel around or rent a car for a day).

Entertainment: This include splurging on extras such as guided tours in new areas of the country you dont know, scuba diving, going to the movies, etc.)

(Not including going to snorkel, exploring waterfalls, etc.)
Household help twice a week  (two to three hours at a time)
Extras (this includes anything you might need for the house)
Gym membership

In the course How to Move to a Tropical Paradise, I will show you: 

  • How you could I afford to live in a tropical paradise and earn extra money at the same time
  • How to make enough money to pay bills while there
  • What expenses you can eliminate while youre away from home (I personally save hundreds of dollars per month by doing this).
  • Other creative solutions to live in a tropical paradise practically free through house-sitting, and where to find those deals online
  • And more!

So the real question now is how can you afford NOT to move to a tropical paradise?

 Will You Let These Things Hold You Back?

Here are the 4 biggest objections, besides money, that people have about moving to a tropical paradise. Will you let them hold you back?

1. I cant afford it. Ive already shown you that you can live a better life for less than youre currently spending by moving at least part time to a tropical paradise. And I havent even touched on the possibilities for generating income from there. So is it really about money?

2. Im afraidFear of the unknown is normal and healthy as long as you dont let that hold you back from living your dreams. Consider these issues:

  • Safety: most countries have a much lower crime rate than the US. Its just a matter of finding the right areas, and avoiding the bad ones.
  • Mosquitoes. There are almost no mosquitoes where I live. If you dont like them, you just need to locate in a mosquito-free area!
  • Doing it alone: Many countries like Costa Rica can be very safe, even for a single woman. Youll find plenty of expats and friends here to connect with.
  • Bureaucracy and red tape: Theres very little paperwork to do to get started, and you dont need complicated visa or residency applications. I have all of my best contacts ready for you to facilitate your move.
  • Local feelings about foreigners. Its a misconception to think that the world hates the USA. For example, Costa Ricans are very welcoming and friendly to foreigners. Same for many other countries I have visited.

3. I have too many commitments at home. Im not saying you need to make a complete move to the tropics right now and forget about your other commitment. This is a long-term process, and it can start with just a visit to a new country where you hope one day to establish a new residence. But if you dont start now, 5 or 10 years from now you may wake up and realize you have missed the boat.

4. I dont speak the language. I know many expats who have lived in a new country for years and still dont master the local language. Learning just a little will help you a long way, and thats why Im providing a special report containing the top 100 words and phrases you must learn.  You can also make sure you relocate in an area with plenty of English speakers, or a country that speaks English like Belize.

Why This Course Is Unlike Anything 
You've Seen Before?

There are plenty of courses that can teach you about areas to relocate overseas, but none of them were written from the perspective of a raw-food and health enthusiast like me.

I will not only tell you which countries are the best, but Ill tell you exactly where to go in those countries to find the best organic and raw foods which is information you wont find anywhere else.

Plus, most relocation programs focus on a big move for people considering retiring overseas. But I know that most people are not ready for this. So thats why my course teaches you how to make either a part-time move (like I do), or a full time move (like I have done).

Even if you dont have the budget to buy a big piece of property you can still make the dream happen for much less than you think by using my proven system for finding affordable rent and high-speed Internet access.

The course How to Move to a Tropical Paradise is available for a limited time!

The course is presented as eight video presentations, downloadable immediately in digital format!

You can watch the videos online, or download it to watch on your iPod or iPhone, or on your computer, or burn it on a DVD to watch on your TV.

You will also be able to download the audio portion of the program separately, as well as the slide show presentations used for each lesson.

Heres a quick overview of the different lessons:

1. Lesson 1 Quick start lesson on how to move to a tropical paradise, part-time or full-time

2. Lesson 2  Discovering the ultimate tropical paradise for YOUR needs

3. Lesson 3 Strategies to make it work (including important information on renting, buying, residency, etc.)

4. Lesson 4 How to budget your move to a tropical paradise

5. Lesson 5 Planning your first field trip

6. Lesson 6 How to make money in paradise

7. Lesson 7  Practical considerations for living there

8. Lesson 8 Action guide to put everything into practice

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