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Raw Vegan Coach (Physical Copy)
Raw Vegan Coach (Physical Copy)
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Do You Know Which Raw Food Diet Is Right for You?

Stop the Confusion and Get Answers to Almost Any Raw Food Question in This NEW Book

These 147 Questions and Answers on the Raw Food Diet Will Be Your One-Stop Source of Information to Avoid the Scams, Deadly Mistakes and Common Nutritional Deficiencies

Dear health seeker,

Its not your fault, but the fact is that the field of natural health, nutrition and raw foods is one of mass confusion and contradictions.

Every week it seems, a new theory comes out and seems to contradict everything that you thought you knew before.

Does this sound familiar?

Every day for the past 12 years ever since I started promoting a high-raw vegan diet, Ive been receiving honest questions from my readers from all around the world who are concerned about their health, and want to make sense out of this mess.

For example, here are some of the questions Ive been receiving on a regular basis?

  • Should we worry about candida and diabetes when eating so much fruit?
  • What should we think of raw cacao, goji berries, or other superfoods?
  • How can we get enough vitamin B12, vitamin D and other critical nutrients on the raw food diet?
  • What should we think of the blood type diet?
  • Are raw foods better because of the enzymes they contain?
  • Do we need to eat sprouts and are there supplements that are necessary to take when consuming a mostly-raw or all-raw diet?
  • Does the fruit we now eat have too much sugar in it, and what is a reasonable amount to eat?

All of these questions, and many more, are so important and I believe that until today, there hasnt been a one-stop source of information to get these questions answered right away.

Over the past 12 years, Ive been receiving your questions and answering them on my blog, in my ezines, by email, in person but Ive never before compiled these questions and answers in convenient way.

Are You Tired of All the
Raw Food Confusion?

When I said that theres a state of mass confusion in the raw food movement, I was not exaggerating.

You have some authors who will tell you that fruit is bad for you and should be avoided, while others will praise fruit as the ultimate food and tell you thats all you should be eating.

Who should you believe?

The only way to clear the confusion and design a program that works for you and gives you the health and energy youve always been after is to get carefully-researched and tested information.

This is why I am releasing a brand-new book, which includes 147 questions and answers on the raw food diet, covering everything you need to know.


The Raw Vegan Coach

Answers to Your Questions on the Low-Fat, Raw Food Diet

The book is organized into 9 chapters. Heres a sneak peak of whats included and some of the questions that are answered in this book:

Chapter 1 Defining the High Fruit, Low Fat Diet

This chapter is dedicated to the raw food controversy around fruit and the low fat raw vegan diet.

In this chapter, you will discover:

  • The exact amount of food you need to eat on a raw food diet
  • Should you only eat when youre ravenously hungry?
  • Is it possible to become addicted to fruit?
  • How can you tell when a fruit is ripe?
  • What exactly is a fruitarian diet, and should you avoid it?
  • How to make green smoothies: the tips and tricks that are often overlooked.
  • Should you eat a high fat or high fruit diet?
  • What exactly is a high fat raw meal?
  • Is there one size diet that fits all?
  • What about fructose in fruit?
  • Is the good stuff in fruit all in the peel and should we eat the peel of most fruits?
  • What raw foods should we avoid?

Chapter 2 Superfoods and Refined Raw Foods

Because of all the hype currently spread in the raw food movement about these different products, one of the most common questions I receive is What do you think of product X or Y?

I do think that certain supplements have their place, and Im not a purist who will (incorrectly) claim that we should always, get everything 100%, unmodified from nature. That would be often impossible.

But many of the products out there labeled as superfoods are not what they claim to be.

In this chapter, I answer many questions received on the topic.

  • The raw cacao controversy
  • The coconut oil controversy
  • Enzymes and fermented vegetables
  • Kimchee
  • Flax seed oil and phytoestrogens
  • Goji Berries: the truth no one told you about this common superfood
  • Vitamin D and Bee Pollen: what every raw foodist needs to know
  • Honey and molasses: should we bother?
  • Noni Juice: controversial but true information about this scam
  • Mangosteen juice: why you shouldnt get caught up in the hype
  • Is extra virgin olive oil healthy?
  • What vegan protein powders are the best, and should we eat them at all?

Chapter 3 Raw Foods and Health

Can the raw food diet improve your health? Can you or your loved ones be cured by raw foods? Are there some specific foods you should eat for specific illnesses? In this chapter, you will discover:

  • How to become alkaline
  • What body fat level is too low?
  • Should you be AFRAID of blending and does it really destroy most of the nutrients in food?
  • Important information everyone should know about candida
  • Colonics and enemas: are they beneficial or can they hurt you?
  • How to get enough calories from the raw food diet
  • Healing Colitis or Crohns, what to do
  • Everything you should know before going on a fast (even a short fast!)
  • What to do if youre not thriving on raw
  • What are the nutritional requirements of someone following a completely or mostly raw diet?
  • Can you overdose on potassium if you eat too many bananas?
  • What to replace salt with.
  • Can teeth be rebuilt and what you need to know about cavities.
  • Vitamin B12 and vitamin D: important knowledge you should know.

Chapter 4 Questions About the Raw Vegan Lifestyle

In this chapter, I want to share my experience and save you some time by answering tricky questions about raw food nutrition. You will discover:

  • What to do if youre allergic to avocados or just dont like them?
  • Are cooked minerals really inorganic?
  • Are raw recipes healthy?
  • What should we think about certain raw food gurus who look older than their age?
  • Is it better to eat raw foods before cooked foods?
  • The stevia controversy: should we use this questionable product to sweeten our recipes?
  • How to kick the sugar habit forever
  • How to transition to the raw food diet
  • What should we think of urine therapy (my answer will surprise you!)
  • Can you eat raw and drink hot drinks like herbal teas?
  • What is the best water to drink?

Chapter 5 Food Combining

Food combining is an important issue, but few people realize that food combining on the raw food diet follows different principles than on a cooked food diet. In this chapter, you will discover:

  • How long should you wait to eat anything else after eating fruit?
  • What are the most important food combining rules to keep in mind when eating raw?
  • Is it possible to eat fruit with fat?

And several more important and surprising questions about food combining will be answered in this chapter!

Chapter 6 Athletes and the Raw Food Diet

One question that should be asked before evaluating any diet is, can it work for athletes? In this chapter, we explore some topics related to not just athletic performance, but health and fitness in general. You will discover.

  • Some important nutritional considerations every person working out should know about the raw food diet
  • Eating fruit and running
  • How to get more calories when you need them for extra energy
  • How to gain muscle mass on the raw food diet
  • And more !

Chapter 7 Families on a Raw Diet

Following the raw food diet on your own is one thing, but it becomes trickier when you have to view it in the context of your family and your entire social network.

In this chapter I will attempt to answer some common questions on the subject, as well as addressing the social aspects of the raw food lifestyle. You will discover:

  • Babies on a raw diet: critical information that any parent should know.
  • Breast feeding on raw foods
  • Should you avoid fasting or weight loss when youre breastfeeding because of the toxins?
  • What are some recommending readings for raw vegan pregnancy?
  • How to deal with hostile friends and family members?
  • Traveling in the Raw! Family-friendly raw destinations.
  • How to eat raw when traveling

Chapter 8 Other Diet Programs

It would be fair to say that with every possible kind of diet out there, each claiming the be the best, the field of nutrition is rather confusing.

We also know there's a state of mass confusion in the raw-food, vegan movement, and I I'm willing to bet on the fact that you're probably still wondering who's right and who's wrong.

Let's face it: it can get pretty confusing. There is so much contradicting information about health and nutrition out there, that its sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Sometimes we wonder: is there really truth among all of that, or is it up to the individual to "find out what works for him/her"?

In this chapter, I answer more questions about various diets, and other claims made by different authors. You will discover:

  • Should you eat 100% raw or can you also include steamed vegetables?
  • Are humans supposed to eat meat?
  • What should we think of the blood type diet?
  • Insider information about the so-called breatharians that certain people wont be happy about
  • How do you know if the raw diet is the right diet?
  • Important considerations about the glycemic index that is often overlooked.
  • Traditional diets and longevity
  • Is it healthy to consistently under-eat to live a long life?

Chapter 9 Specific Raw Foods Revealed

I get a lot of questions about specific foods on the raw food diet. So in this chapter, I will answer some of the many questions Ive received about various raw foods.

In this chapter, you will discover:

  • Aa: a balanced point of view on this superfood.
  • Is algae vegan? (The answer will shock you!)
  • Blended salads and how to use them to improve your health
  • Can raw eggs be considered okay as part of a raw food diet?
  • Some problems with eating frozen foods and how to minimize or avoid them
  • What substance in greens make them so healthy?
  • Is eating the skin on nuts harmful?
  • Kombucha tea exposed!
  • Are the young coconuts sold at Asian markets safe?

Our 100% Satisfied, Money-Back Guarantee

Order The Raw Vegan Coach and you are fully protected with my 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee. You have to be fully satisfied with the value you get with this book. If you are not, simply send it back and we will promptly refund you the full purchase price. No questions are asked and no explanation is needed.

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